Swami Chinmayanandaji

We prostrate before the Great Legend and our Master Sri Swami Chinmayanandaji on his ‘Janma Shatabdi’.

We are all indebted to him for bringing the heavenly ‘Ganga’ of Holy Geetha to this world of common man to save him from his miseries.


Watch Monday to Saturday from 5.30 to 6 am in Flower TV for Swamiji’s daily discourses.

Watch BVTV.ORG daily.

Bhagavatham notes updated with Sixth canto, Twelfth chapter.

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Bhagavatham Village

Upcoming Satsangs: "Viveka Choodamani" camp from 21/04 to 30/04. Kids camp from 01/05 to 05/05. (Swamiji)


You can register yourself as a member by donating one lakh rupees to the Ashram. Ashram will provide you stay for a month or 15 days with family a year. If you would like to make a general donation